Street Soccer

Inspiring sponsors to make a winning assist

Street Soccer Canada, a nonprofit that runs soccer programs for homeless and sheltered individuals, has struggled to find donors and corporate sponsors due to the stigma surrounding the population they support. In order to reframe the conversation to the positive influence that funding partners can have, our branding strategy for this organization’s important work revolves around their ability to “kickstart change”.

Central to our website strategy for Street Soccer Canada are stories of individuals moving forward towards their goals, putting faces and voices to the usually anonymous issue of homelessness. Vibrant, eclectic patterns are overlaid on these portraits—reminiscent of international “club” jerseys, this brand design highlights the strength that community has for marginalized peoples’ lives. And to show individuals they’ve helped in the midst of their journeys, we followed 7 players to the Homeless World Cup to create “Kickstart,” a short documentary that inspires those who watch it to support positive change.




Street Soccer began as an initiative by housing advocate Paul Gregory to put together one team for the Homeless World Cup in 2004. It’s now a thriving network of over 20 soccer programs in a dozen cities across the country.




“You need to fill the void of an addiction. What I filled it with is soccer. I love soccer. I’m addicted to soccer. And that’s the only addiction I have from now on. This saved me. Street Soccer Canada actually saved me.”

Bill Pagonis, Street Soccer Canada coach


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