Helping a seating manufacturer stand out in a changing marketplace

Allseating, a Toronto-based seating designer and manufacturer, has always had a solid reputation in the industry. But after 25-plus years in an increasingly cluttered marketplace where all the players talked about “good design”, the company was finding it a challenge to stand out.

After embarking on an industry research study—including interviews with key stakeholders in Canada and in the U.S.—we uncovered that the brand was known for its unflappable flexibility, both in terms of product design and customer service. Our strategy moving forward was to align Allseating’s entire brand platform with this idea of flexibility.

When you’re a flexible company, you’re easy to work with. This extends beyond the in-person interactions to all aspects of client engagement. The concept drove a more editorialized approach to advertising and marketing literature that put people first. And it inspired the development of an innovative, industry leading digital specification experience that integrated value-added content into a responsive site that works wherever an Allseating dealer does: at the office and on the road.


Allseating was one of Parcel’s first clients and over the years our involvement in their business has expanded to include just about everything we do—brand strategy, website and app development, collateral and copy, and helping refine a visioning outline for five years into the future. As much of their industry has contracted, Allseating’s strategic positioning has resulted in sales increases.



“Parcel is very passionate about our business and their interest goes beyond the usual client-agency relationship. With their help, we’re doing the best work we’ve ever done and that’s something I’ve said several times over the years.”

Chris Binnendyk, President



Parcel_Allseating_05 Parcel_Allseating_06 Parcel_Allseating_07

Not only are we happy to be supporting the company’s success in the chair business, we are their business—that is, our team does their Allseating work while seated on Allseating’s popular Fluid Task. How’s that for form meets content?



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