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Having grown Parcel from the ground up, Julie brings our clients a business expertise earned the hard way. A McGill University graduate in Communications, her philosophy from the start has been that the best brands are defined by simplicity and clarity. She aims to think about our clients’ business in ways they haven’t, to draw light onto the true experience of their brand. Julie’s work with Entrepreneurs’ Organization—an international peer network of business owners—includes facilitation for newly formed executive boards and training for fast-growth companies to reach their next milestone. Also racing to the next milestone is Julie herself. She’s often heading to and from her office wearing sneakers, because going for a quick run, spin, or kickboxing session is her version of unwinding between meetings.

“You know your brand is effective when you can use it to filter your business-making decisions—from who you hire, to how you inspire your internal culture, to how you market yourself. Knowing your brand should make these decisions more efficient.”

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