Parcel Design

Parcel is a brand strategy and design firm that helps clients to define who they are and then best tell their story. We design in all dimensions—identity systems, print, digital and packaging—and have become known for creating highly integrated, tactile solutions with a strong sense of character.

Change is good.

Companies recast themselves Neighbourhoods transform. Design firms, well, redesign. Our communities change—starting now, we’re changing too.

Change is people coming together.

The newest evolution of Parcel is the result of the merger of two branding and design firms—Parcel and Soapbox. Together now for two years, our united rebrand will be unveiled in the coming months.

Change is our business.

Our work in branding and design is inspired by our clients’ goals. Designing in all dimensions—from identities and packaging to brochures and websites—we help clients to define themselves and then effectively tell their story. People say we’re easy to work with, too.

Change is creative.

We bring creativity to our work in branding and design. But we bring it to our engagement with our communities as well. For the rebrand of our building, we have invited a local artist to paint a mural on our outside walls. Visit our Facebook and Instagram to see the work.

Change is imagined before it happens.

One of our most notable prior changes happened back in 2006, when we were two years old and looking for a place to expand. Partner and founder Julie Mitchell came across 536 Eastern—just a tad derelict then—in a Leslieville neighbourhood that was on the verge of big changes itself.

Change is around the corner.

Parcel’s wordmark had historically wrapped around our business card, so for the first sign on our building, we had the award-winning idea to wrap it right around the corner. Keep an eye on the intersection of Carlaw and Eastern for the next iteration. One clue: the future is bright.

Change is inspired.

When our new website launches this summer, we’ll also launch Parcel Posts, a blog where we’ll share our inspirations—architecture, pop culture, the natural world, McLuhan scholarship, our suppliers, the children in our lives, our right brain and our left, design trends, and much more.

Change is alignment with the now.

Transformation starts from within. That’s why our brand strategy process is about helping a company evolve by discovering its core values. We can always become more true to ourselves. Rebrand. Refine. Redesign. We’re excited to be going through these changes ourselves. For info about Parcel and more sneak peeks, visit Facebook and Twitter.

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