Ryerson FCAD

Transforming a faculty

Ryerson’s Faculty of Communication and Design is made up of eight Schools, each one uniquely focused on a distinct creative application. However, to increase enrolment and fundraising, the Schools needed to unite as one integrated brand that communicates their commitment to creating transformative learning experiences.

Our strategy was to create a year-end review that is transformative in the way it shares the stories of students, faculty and alumni. Whether including QR code links that lead to interactive experiences or specialty print techniques that literally change the book’s shape as you turn pages, the review’s design is a nod to the transformative creativity of those profiled within. The publication has been a great success, supporting the Faculty’s goal to attract more than 1,000 new students, fundraise just over $1.5 million in donations, and bring home an International ARC Award three years running.





“I think the designers at Parcel are, first of all, good listeners. They heard what we had to say and what we wanted. Then they came up with designs that were innovative, represented who we feel we are, and gave us a strong voice.”

Shirley Lewchuk, FCAD Director of Outreach and Communications



Photographic portraits capture the students, faculty and alumni making, shaping and changing their communities.



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