A technology company's new way forward

Nuway, a successful software development company based in Toronto, was pigeon-holed in one vertical—developing mobile work platforms for delivery companies—and wished to expand their focus. Through our brand map process with management and staff, we re-positioned the company around its broader passion for innovative thinking, crafting a platform centering on the idea that Nuway helps clients develop tools for “new ways of working.”

Just as Nuway’s developers ask “what if?” when faced with a client’s challenge, our marketing materials for Nuway ask this question, too. The question is asked in website copy and on their business proposals. And the question is asked in the illustrations we commissioned: What if a cloud could be propelled? What if people make a sailboat travel in the direction it faces? And just as Nuway asks its clients to imagine a new way of moving forward, we helped the company to formalize internal activities that solidify that brand culture.





We helped Nuway formalize “Innovation Fridays,” a monthly meeting where staff are encouraged to step away from the projects on their plate to ask ‘What IF’?


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