The Richards Group

From agent to agency

The Richards Group is a local real estate firm we’ve long admired – for their work in our Leslieville community and their creative marketing approach. Given we know many members of their team as friends and neighbours, we also know that they’re a bright, fun group of people.

Like many professional services firms, The Richards Group was started by a savvy, successful independent agent. Mark Richards is the kind of person you instantly connect with and trust – and for over a decade, he’s been the person you want helping guide your real estate purchase.

Over the years, Mark grew from agent to agency – wisely combining his knowledge of home renovation and construction with his innate real estate market insights. But although Mark surrounded himself with equally savvy insiders, the equity of The Richards Group brand sat squarely on his shoulders.

Our research, collected via our VOS interview process, revealed that current marketing efforts were unique but didn’t communicate what made The Richards Group uniquely successful within the highly competitive Toronto market. But what our research showed that, whether you worked with them or not, The Richards Group seemed like the kind of people you wanted as part of your network: connected to the east-end community, fun, and in the know.

Our rebrand, including identity redesign, website, and marketing collateral, embraced this opportunity for The Richards Group to own the position of “Eastsiders” or experts on all things in “East TO”. Copy leveraged this language, and graphic elements symbolically captured the firm’s focus on Toronto’s east end by creatively incorporating local neighbourhood features.

The foundation of this rebranding strategy was establishing EastTO, a magazine published by The Richards Group that celebrates life in Toronto’s east-end. Created to captivate residents with beautiful home design trends, EastTO also highlights the district’s unique hidden gems: restaurants, retailers and residents. The content developed for this magazine is then leveraged for The Richards Group’s e-marketing and social media channels – optimizing its impact.