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Build your own design department

An increasingly brand-savvy world is putting pressure on Brand Managers to deliver a seamless experience through all touch-points.

We’ve investigated industries like airlines, travel and fitness that offer clients savings when they buy packages upfront.

Cost and process efficiencies come in when there is an upfront commitment resulting in those industries providing their customers with more for less.

Parcel studio support packages give you access to all the services you’d expect from an agency at substantial savings – giving you room to do more with your budget.

Book 1000 hours and build a dedicated design studio for less:

· Brand-aligned design development and creative direction

· Front-of-line priority service

· Online project management portal and reporting system so you know exactly how your hours are used.

Q. I only have one project that won’t take 1000 hours. Can I still work with you?

Of course! Call us and we’ll review our competitive price tiers and cost out your project for you. You’ll still get the same level of creativity and executional excellence that all of our customers get.

Q. Isn’t this just production-based graphic services? I need creative thinkers who get my brand.

We’re an award-winning team of designers who have simply found a more efficient approach to brand design. So we include in your package an onboarding session with your team so ours understands your values, tone and standards.

Q. Is the work being done off-shore?

Our team all works out of our studio at Eastern and Carlaw. You’ll meet them during our initial kick-off session – and you can come down for face-to-face collaboration at any time. (While you’re here, book yourself in for a ride at our spin studio, Torq.)

Q. How is this different from the way I’m currently buying creative?

Pricing structures across agencies vary wildly. Ours provides access to talent typically only available at Tier-one rates of $185 per hour (or more). Commit a volume of work to us up-front, and we’ll commit our best price offer to you.

Q. How do we get started?

Contact Erin at 416 504 1200 or by email

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