Ozery Bakery

Ingredients to refresh a brand platform

Since 1996, the Ozery brothers have been inventing alternatives to traditional bread products made from hearty whole grains, fruits, and seeds. Everything they make is intended to help you eat well and feel good.

The business was successful, the team was growing, the sales channels were expanding – but the brand had grown organically. Too many elements made the storyline confusing, production inefficient, and had different divisions working at cross-purposes.

The Ozery team had consulted with several strategic coaches over the years to bring the brand into alignment – but struggled to execute those plans. Parcel consolidated those ideas and facilitated a strategic session that distilled a decade of thinking into actionable brand values, a clearer brand story, a refreshed identity program, and a community-building campaign.

A core value of the brand was creativity and flexibility – the Ozery team was continually coming up with fresh new product ideas. A colour-coding system, bank of ingredient illustrations, and graphic “moments” created a communication hierarchy mixed and matched for application onto new products while maintaining brand consistency.