McKenzie Pitch Partners

Brand strategy for an Aussie who wrote the book on pitching

Originally called M Squared, McKenzie Pitch Partners is a global pitch consultancy headed up by Hamish McKenzie. As he was set to complete and publish a book that encapsulates his pitch strategy and process, McKenzie realized the exposure it would generate was an opportunity to promote the business to a larger audience as well. To maximize this new development in Hamish’s personal brand awareness, we decided to integrate the personal and professional brand strategies.

Through a name generation exercise, we renamed the company—McKenzie Pitch Partners straightforwardly communicates what the company does while also using name recognition so that Hamish’s personal promotions benefit the business and vice versa. Following that, we created a simple and highly adaptable visual brand language that can be used to illustrate McKenzie’s pitch philosophy and services across all mediums—including everything from his book to his business cards and the company website to their social media presence.


We produced videos to promote Hamish as a speaker for audiences ranging from CEOs and managing partners to international sales teams. Hamish has spoken at or facilitated events for clients that include Intercontinental Hotels, Livingston International, American Express, Microsoft, WINiT, Cushman & Wakefield and Faskens LLP.



Pitch: What You’re Not Doing Makes All the Difference explains how to follow Hamish’s Pitch SSP process so you can easily navigate the strategy, story, and presentation phases of pitch preparation.




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