A lesson in rebranding

Originally called Curriculum Services Canada, Learnography is a non-profit supplier of learning solutions with a long history in providing curriculum development and evaluation for the Ministry of Education. Despite the fact that CSC delivered digitally-savvy products and services, our research showed that they were losing business to ‘technology companies’ perceived as more innovative. CSC had been pigeon-holed as being ‘old-school’. To make matters worse, the name Curriculum Services Canada didn’t resonate with the private sector and had been limiting CSC to the K-to-12 education market.

To change the conversation, we rebranded CSC as Learnography – a name that instantly communicates the organization’s ability to mentor, guide and educate clients on the most effective strategies for creating meaningful learning experiences. The rebrand positions Learnography as experts in the ongoing study and application of learning – expanding the firm’s relevance to new sectors and the entire spectrum of learners.


Learnography’s team is the brand’s most valuable asset, so we created a domino game/quiz to help staff become familiar with the brand philosophy.

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