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Transformation starts from within. Because we can always become more true to ourselves. Rebrand.Refine.Redesign.

While the approach we take to rebranding and creative projects is tailored to each organization’s specific needs, the process for both always follows three key phases: Align, Activate, and Amplify.

Align: Leveraging our team of researchers and investigative journalists, we conduct one-on-one confidential interviews with internal and external stakeholders to gain insight into existing perspectives on brand strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and risk factors

Activate: Based on our research findings, we conduct a brainstorming session to clarify (and in some cases refine) the brand’s values and value proposition. 

This discussion will be distilled into a brand story and mood board that establishes an evolved direction for your brand moving forward – this includes messaging, logo development, and graphic application.

Working in collaboration with your team, we will refine the recommended approach to achieve the desired result (2 rounds of refinement).

Amplify: Using the brand strategy and mood board as a launchpad, we can create a range of appropriate brand campaign materials to support getting the word out – from websites to social media content, to package design, to advertising campaigns, to signage, to sales collateral. 

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