Habitat for Humanity

Communication tools for those who build community

The first Habitat for Humanity home was built in Canada in 1985. Since then, the Canadian arm of the organization has thrived, attracted thousands of volunteers, and sprouted new programs that support their original mission to provide housing for all. And as it grew, the non-profit’s annual report no longer could speak to all of the stakeholders it needed to communicate with. For the last 15 years, we’ve designed targeted tools for them to talk directly to staff, volunteers, and donors.

The Habitat Spirit is a magazine that shares with staff, volunteers and donors the stories of the organization’s activities each quarter. Also for those stakeholders, we created “Always Thinking Family First,” a poster that uses the letters in “home” to reinforce the methods through which Habitat works to create a sustainable mission as it continues to grow. Meanwhile, to target retailers, the “ReStore and You” brochure educates these business partners on how they can participate in community-building, too.


90 ReStore locations in Canada collect donations from retailers, then resell at a discount in order to raise funds for Habitat for Humanity’s goal to provide safe and affordable housing.




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