A report to focus energy on environmental concerns

Enbridge, one of Canada’s premiere energy distributors, has over the last decade needed to respond to increased consumer concerns about environmental conditions. In 2008, we helped the company create their first-ever Corporate Social Responsibility Report, centered on the strategy that Enbridge needed to communicate its own efforts to be part of this “climate of change”.

The CSR report highlights the changes that Enbridge made by focusing on three areas: how profits benefitted communities as well as shareholders; what educational programs and technological advances were put into place to increase environmental protection and awareness; and how the company continued to make work sites safer for employees. After the stories of progress, the CSR report concluded with a scorecard that noted successes, challenges, and goals for future improvement.




The CSR report breaks down Enbridge’s economic contributions and donations, including $8.3 million invested in more than 350 charitable, non-profit, and community organizations.


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