Building to grow

Paul Volpe started Vermont Construction Management to be precisely the company he had longed to work for. Paul spent years with the industry’s largest firms, and with Vermont, he wanted to apply those learnings to his clients.

But as with many small business owners, he was more focused on building a client base than we were on building a brand. And as Vermont grew, we started to see signs that the company was outgrowing the brand.

When we did our research, we discovered that most of Vermont’s clients didn’t even refer to the company by its company name. The brand was so tied to Paul that clients just used his name. The issue was that Vermont was not a one-man-band. So we needed to make sure the brand communicated that the team offered a breadth of skills and talent – especially the leadership team expanded.

There are many construction management firms to choose from in a market like Toronto. You only have a few seconds to position how you’re different. That said, the name Vermont didn’t say much. Rebranding the company as Edify communicates the team’s unique ability to educate clients on how to get more value out of their office space and construction projects.