Move the Dial

Expanding a brand for greater traction

Move the Dial is a dynamic organization and social cause dedicated to increasing diversity with the technology community – not just in Canada but around the world. The movement’s founder, Jodi Kovitz, quickly grew the organization based on her philosophy of going out of one’s way to inspire change. What started as a conference in a few short-years transformed into a media company with a book, podcast, and events worldwide.

As the brand grew, and these channels expanded, Move the Dial needed a structure to manage the brand more effectively. We built an optimized brand framework that systemized each channel and allowed the Move the Dial team to create brand-aligned assets more quickly. This structure has also given Move the Dial the ability to pivot in a COVID-19 world to more content-driven tools versus its traditional large-scale, in-person events. This included the design of a podcast and book.