Ryerson REAL Institute

Rebranding for real world needs

Ryerson’s English as an Additional Language program had grown exponentially over several years. This move sparked the development of an Institue and facility to support these students’ unique needs.

Students who participate in the program are not technically admitted to a specific Ryerson University faculty – their admission is conditional on participation in this language-focused program. So the objective was to ensure these students still felt part of a community while they prepped to enter into their future faculty. 

After a strategic session with staff, we adjusted the often used Ryerson ESL acronym to REAL. This nice coincidence allowed us to convey that these students are part of real campus life and that the Institute is there to support them through the very real experiences faced by new students. The logo was designed to be distinct from the Ryerson brand system but still very much linked. The structure and standards allow the Institute’s staff to construct specific brand-aligned experiences – from marketing materials to space design – while still maintaining a link to the campus where students will eventually study.