Centerra Gold

A golden opportunity to communicate a brand’s expertise

Centerra Gold Inc., a successful North American-based mining company, often operates in challenging political and environmental conditions. Thus, they must communicate risks to investors while at the same time instilling confidence. Our strategy was to focus the Centerra brand messaging around its expertise working in difficult climates while being up front about the need to be socially responsible.

Along with annual reports that highlight “confidence” and “opportunity,” we produced Centerra’s Corporate Responsibility Report, which explains how the company mines to best practices with modern methods to ensure safety to both the workers and the environment.


“Going Places” centred Centerra’s annual report around the idea that when working in risky climates, tracking longer-term goals and progress is key.


We used a design concept inspired by the Periodic Table of elements to describe the “elements of confidence” that comprise Centerra.


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