Canadian Institute of Quantity Surveyors

Creating a strong brand foundation for a valuable profession

As they approached their 50th anniversary, The Canadian Institute of Quantity Surveyors faced two major challenges—its brand was diluted by the fact that they supported seven regional affiliates that all used separate logos and naming conventions, and there existed a lack of awareness in the construction industry about what a quantity surveyor brings to a building project. Our strategy then, was to re-brand CIQS so that every aspect of their communications spoke to the value they add to their industry while creating strength through member group alignment.

As cost consultants with an education in all aspects of building, quantity surveyors protect the value of an investment more than any project manager can. That’s why our redesigned CIQS logo, a three-dimensional building constructed by two-dimensional geometric shapes, also doubles as a shield—speaking both to the profession’s centuries-old roots and to that ability to protect. Once we had brought all affiliates under this united brand, we produced two videos and a recruitment brochure to educate the industry on the expertise that a quantity surveyor brings to a project and why the Professional Quantity Surveyor (PQS) designation administered by CIQS is a career launch-pad. And to drive home CIQS members’ thought leadership in their industry, we’ve activated an ongoing content strategy campaign involving public relations, social media, and contributed articles to industry publications.



Our video explains that a Quantity Surveyor is part architect, part engineer, part general contractor, part lawyer, and part accountant.

Parcel_CIQS_03 Parcel_CIQS_04

The simplicity of the new CIQS brand allows it to be adapted for use by each of the seven regional affiliates.

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