Canadian Blood Services

A brand platform for a vital organization

Our relationship with Canadian Blood Services—the arms-length organization that manages the national blood supply outside of Quebec—began during a time of transition. Twelve years after the organization had been handed the responsibility of creating a better blood system, they received additional funding from federal and provincial governments to design and implement a system for organ and tissue donation and transplantation. Our strategy for their annual reports following this change has been to communicate innovation while reinforcing that safe and transparent processes are still fundamental to the organization—all while putting a human face to staff, donors, and those who receive blood and transplants.

Meanwhile, as we communicate this important brand in print, we are also looking towards Canadian Blood Services’ digital future. Online platforms are increasingly becoming a key way to distribute annual reports and we are working with CBS on a multi-year transition strategy to create dual print and online reports that are compliant and responsive. Instead of simply posting a pdf of the report as in years past, the CBS Annual Report microsite will become a vehicle that leverages the strengths of the digital medium to create a richer, higher-impact way to communicate CBS’s progress and continued commitment to safety with all stakeholders.


“The Human Factor” portraits presented the tales and photographs of blood and organ recipients whose lives were saved—the very stories that motivate CBS’s important work



Instead of developing all the content and then simply laying it out, we work with CBS on annual brand themes that can simultaneously drive design and content.