Camp Quality

A kids’ camp grows up

Over the course of two decades, Camp Quality has grown from a single camp for kids with cancer to an organization that runs diverse programs across the country. By number of volunteers and reach, the nonprofit organization is one of the largest childrens’ oncology charities in the country. Yet, as the camp grew up, its brand remained static and needed to be realigned to reflect the current needs of its campers, parents and donors.

Leading the Camp Quality team through a brand-mapping exercise not only brought clarity to the organization, it resulted in a rebrand campaign that has rallied everyone around it. As an organization, Camp Quality makes all who connect with it feel empowered to turn life’s challenges into adventures. We wanted our creative to be equally as empowering, so we incorporated flexible components into the brand so that each camp can tailor them according to local needs.





“Parcel made the effort to understand what we do and who we are and translated that into the visuals and deliverables. What we had was fairly dated, so it was great to have a professional look to match our professional organization.”

Brendan Turner, Program Director




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