Best Way Stone

The better way to position a brand

Best Way Stone is a family-owned business built on a solid foundation of quality products and workmanship. But rapid consolidation within a booming sector has meant that Best Way Stone is competing more often with larger, national brands.  

Our research showed that while Best Way Stone scored high on product curation and customer service, a lack of communication channels left too much to telephone tag, printed catalogues, and sales calls. The management team knew there needed to be a better way to engage with younger homeowners looking to turn their backyard spaces into an oasis.

As with many family-owned businesses, Best Way Stone’s brand value proposition was passed down intuitively generation by generation.  Clearly articulating their point of difference was key for Best Way to stand out amongst larger competitors. 

Both their catalogue and website was designed to encourage exploration while communicating both tradition and style. This helped to both inspire the customer with possibilities and yet help facilitate decision-making. With customers often complaining about an overwhelming number of choices in stone products, Best Way Stone’s more curated approach helped establish an early connection as a trusted partner. 

Built using WordPress, the site has been designed to provide an intuitive experience on both the front and back ends. Users can browse product in multiple ways, beyond the traditional gallery of thumbnails. From the homepage, users seamlessly browse their way into multiple collections of beauty shots organized by application, colour, or style. Boolean search, Stone Finder, lets users filter products by multiple criteria. 

Internally, the CMS was designed to give the Best Way Stone marketing team an easy-to-update showcase for its products and expertise.