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A WIKI makes brand alignment easy

March 25, 2020 by Erin Brand

When you’re in the business of design, you often hear how being creative is “messy and imprecise” and instilling process is a surefire way to stifle that creative thinking. But we’ve seen that with a little bit of rigour, even the most creative team has the structure needed to thrive.

We used to let designers define how many identity options they could come up with – and whatever applications they felt was best to show off that concept – based on whatever creative ideas they came up with. But leaving that part of the identity exploration process so open-ended only resulted in the team wasting time determining deliverables.

Now, we indicate that there are three options – and all options are to be shown in a mood board that outlines three components: typography, colour palette, and graphic style.

Documenting this process has eliminated the guesswork, which has – guess what – given the creative team more room to focus on the creative output. The process has empowered creativity – versus stifling it.

It’s what inspired our Brand WIKI platform, BrandOps, which gives everyone on the team a virtual portal that outlines all policies, procedures and processes – but in a way that’s unique to the business’s brand experience. But regardless of what business you’re in, a Brand WIKI can radically reduce the amount of time required answering common questions.

What to put in your WIKI?

  • Brand values summary: Gives your team a regular refresher and reinforcement of your brand’s values and what they stand for so they can live the brand daily.
  • Brand asset manager: Your WIKI can be the place to store logos, avatars, and other brand assets that the team frequently has to access. This is especially helpful if you don’t have a formal server system.
  • Process documentation: How do you want inbound leads handled? How do you want customer inquiries responded to? All of your daily processes should be quickly outlined in the WIKI for easy reference and reinforcement.
  • FAQs: whether it’s login details or who to call when you’ve forgotten your keys – capturing those standard daily questions prevents frustrations from emerging when leaders are answering the same question over and over:
  • Writing style guide: words to use to write brand-aligned messages. Consistent language is integral when many people are communicating on behalf of a brand – be it over the phone, in-person or via digital or social channels.
  • Contact details: In addition to summarizing “who to call when”, we include brief personal bios for each team member – which can be especially useful for newer team members to get to know their colleagues.
  • Brand-aligned insights: Torq, our indoor cycling studio is all about community – so it’s only fitting that our WIKI includes our favourite recommended community partners: local restaurants, other health studios, and wellness service providers – so our team knows who to check out and who to advise if a client asks for a referral.

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